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January 18, 2009

Allotment Waiting List

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From Dan –
I’d like to know what your thoughts and whether your interested in the following:- (particularly people in Heaton/High Heaton)
I’ve been trying to find out the current situation re allotments in Heaton/High Heaton etc.
currently about 20 – 30 people on each of the main allotment sites at
Iris Brickfields & Armstrong. (i.e about 2 – 3 years wait!)
been in touch with the allotments officer at the civic – Michael
Cranston – who couldn’t help much. However he mentioned the Thropton
terrace site in High Heaton which isn’t that popular – but probably be
difficult to lever in Heaton if there are plots available there (only
about 3  – 4). But nobody is taking them.
there anybody in the area (particularly High Heaton) who would be
interested in taking on allotments at Thropton terrace/and or join
together to do it as a shared/community allotment(s)?
there anybody interested on getting 6 signatories to form an
association which means the council as to provide additional allotments?
Henri Murison (local cllr) seems very keen to getting a Heaton Growers group going, once to know what the interest is? –
has identified land at the back of the Ringtons Tea Hut, and getting a
orchard area in Iris Brickfields Park (next to the allotments)
happy new year
Please reply to Dan if you want to join in this activity.


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  1. Hi there- I am the secretary of the High Heaton allotments. We have 3 sites on Duxfield East, Duxfield West and Craster. Only a couple of years ago we had no waiting list and people took on more than one plot largely to keep them from becoming overgrown. At present I have 20 people on the list and the average waiting time is roughly a year. Its great that people are becoming more interested and I will try and attend some of your events soon. Our allotment association just got £5000 grant from Grassroots to build a communal hut and area and needless to say that applying for the grant was the easiest part! I will keep reading with interest. Thanks

    Comment by Sue Howie — April 17, 2009 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

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