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January 17, 2010


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A Green Learning Revolution is being launched by
The Workers’ Educational Association, (WEA), the UK’s largest
voluntary provider of adult education. They are is taking a new
step in promoting environmental sustainability. WEA staff and
members are being invited to form ‘green learning circles’ to plan
how the movement can do more to combat climate change.

The move is part of a national WEA scheme called Learning
Revolutionaries funded by the Government’s Transformation Fund for
informal adult learning.

The WEA learning circle, will look at ways of making the WEA carbon
neutral. It will examine effectiveness of measures already taken
to manage the Association’s regional office in environmentally
friendly ways as well as growing the range of WEA adult education
courses that focus on green themes.

Nigel Todd, WEA North East Regional Director, said: ‘We’ve made
good progress with our green policies over the past year or so, but
the WEA’s recent decision to sign up to the 10:10 carbon reduction
campaign opens the way to do more. The green learning circle will
give members a way of building on things we have put in place, such
as changing our electricity supply to green sources, introducing
Fair Trade, as well as using paper from sustainable forests.

We’ll want to look at green travel plans – we’ve just set up a bike
shed for staff who cycle to work – and at ways of offering more
courses on environmental issues and linking these with social
action to change life styles. Over the past two years, we’ve held
major regional conferences on how to deal with climate change and
we’re planning another one in partnership with the Co-operative,
the Open University and UNISON.

Learning circles are friendly and informal self-directed learning
groups in which the participants plan the topics they would like to
research and discuss. The Learning Revolution scheme also offers
training for people who would like to know how to facilitate the
group discussions.

The scheme is open to other groups and organisations and for more
information contact Sarah Wyat or Bea Groves at
the WEA on 0191 212 6100 or

Nigel Todd Regional Director

Workers’ Educational Association
tel: 0191 212 6100 (office) 079 196 911 69 (mobile)

fax: 0191 212 6101


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